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DJ Jen G provides a professional full-service experience for weddings, corporate and private parties, bars, and community events. Free consultations are offered to ensure your needs are met throughout the planning, event, and breakdown.

Jen G creates custom playlists and specific timelines to ensure you're hearing what you want when you want. With experience in the local event industry, she has worked in most venues throughout Grand County and is closely connected with local vendors and event coordinators. This makes for seamless communication and execution on your special day. Because Jen G is local, she is available for on-site visits leading up to the event at any venue in Grand County.


  • Professional sound system

  • Music compiled to fit all stages of your occasion

  • Custom playlist mixed to keep the crowd engaged and entertained

  • Able to accommodate requests on the fly

Mic | Visual

  • Wired and wireless microphones

  • Lapel mic

  • Uplights

  • Dance floor lighting


  • Welcome and engage guests

  • Direct flow and timeline of your event

  • Provide announcements and formal introductions

  • Involvement and time on the mic based on client preference

Questions? Ready to start planning? Email bookDJJenG@gmail.com


"Jen G did a great job as a DJ at our New Year’s Eve party! Her equipment sounded great, and she was very well prepared with an appropriate song list for our guests and the occasion. She was very professional and responsive to requests. We would definitely hire her for future parties. Thanks, Jen!"

- Mike, Grand Elk Golf Club

"Jen created an awesome playlist for my Yoga in the Park session this summer. It was super creative and I loved how she interviewed me prior to the event and got an idea of the type of music I was looking for! It was super smooth and she did a great job of aligning the music with the flow of my class. I would highly recommend DJ Jen G!

-Sue S., Yoga Instructor

© 2022 DJ JEN G, LLC



I am a Denver native now enjoying mountain life and community in Grand County since 2014. Mixing music started in middle school with radio mix tapes for friends. I loved the idea of compiling all the best songs onto one medium. Through high school, friends blasted my mix CDs that I tailored to each person. At Hastings College, I delved into live broadcasting as manager of the local radio station. I hosted weekly shows and shared music through unique playlists. After college, I served in AmeriCorps conservation programs for two years in Florida, Alaska, and California. While traveling, I compiled playlists for long road trips and started impromptu jam sessions over the campfire.

In the fall of 2014, I moved to Winter Park where I started the mountain life adventure as a lift operator and then became an adaptive instructor for the National Sports Center for the Disabled (NSCD). I've taught participants of all abilities and across all adaptive disciplines. It's a unique and humbling job that has influenced my life beyond words.

Back to the music...

In 2017, I became a member of Grand County's local radio station, 88.3FM KFFR. I host a weekly show, emcee live events, and deejay for our annual 80's party fundraiser. In 2019, I began performing around town at local bars, deejaying private events, and public events around the county.

2022 has been an exciting year for me as I continue to grow my business and pursue it full-time for the summer season. Music is my passion. I am so grateful to share it with others and make a mountain of memories!

I mix, you dance.

© 2022 DJ JEN G, LLC



© 2022 DJ JEN G, LLC